19-3-2015 The NIL-MRT symposium 'The future is in Micro Reactor Technology - Green, Safe, Sustainable'

  • Posted on: 2 February 2015
  • By: admin
Micro Reactor Technology (MRT) has a very promising future as it is sustainable, safe and green. What impact will MRT have on the way we approach chemical processes? What are the implications of MRT from a business point of view? Which networks and knowledge are available for business and education? And what needs to be done in the field of education to prepare students for working with MRT? These and other subjects will be addressed during the conference “The future is in Micro Reactor Technology; safe green and sustainable” on March 19th 2015.
Raf Reintjes of DSM ACES and Volker Hessel of the TU/e Eindhoven will be keynote speakers during the conference and will share their views on MRT with you. There is plenty of room for discussion and networking. Would you like to participate in this challenging conference?
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