Case studies

  • Posted on: 22 June 2015
  • By: admin
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Case studies are carried out by students, supervised by partners within the MRT project. Students from Zuyd University have worked on case studies and other project with Provadis in Frankfurt (Nitration of phenol, Esterification) and at DCU in Dublin. Also, a student exchange program exists between Zuyd and Provadis where students work in multinational teams on projects and assignments. These include MRT assignments (2013: Current proceedings on Lab-On-a-Chip, downstream processing in MRT). Also, local case studies are done in cooperation with external partners, like the glucuronidation of monoHER,
Some case studies are done solely for educational purposes. Others are focussed on gaining more knowledge on MRT in general. A third category are case studies done with external partners. They are primarily focussed on results.
In each sub section you can find all relevant documents belonging to a case study.