• Posted on: 19 June 2015
  • By: admin
In this section e-modules on microreactor technology (MRT) in various levels are presented (beginner - advanced - commercial). Other teaching modules cover various subjects related to MRT. They are presented interactively, giving hints, formulating problems and questions.
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Modules contain eg:
  1. Basics of MRT: scales of length, surface and volume used in microreactor technology
  2. Advantages of using MRT: heat transfer, scale up, advantages and challenges with MRT
  3. Flow control in microreactors: most microreactors are operated at flow in the laminar region
  4. Three learning routes: beginner - advanced - commercial
  5. Materials used in fabrication of microreactor equipment
  6. Equipment needed to perform a continous flow microreaction
  7. Topics for the advanced user in microreactor technology.