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  • Posted on: 13 March 2015
  • By: admin
The Future is in Micro Reactor Technology - Green, Safe and Sustainable
Thursday March 19th, 2015 an international symposium was organised by the NIL-MRT project partners together with Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL). The Brightlands Chemelot Campus offered an industrial setting providing business development opportunities of micro reactor technology. The title of the symposium “The future is in Micro Reactor Technology; safe, green and sustainable” was chosen by the project partners as Micro Reactor Technology (MRT) is seen as a new path in the chemistry world. Techniques that have been moved to SE Asia because of hazards can now be returned in a friendly way to Europe, being MRT. New processes are needed and old batch processes need to be abandoned. A varied program was offered to the audience. The audience existing of representatives  of small- and medium sized enterprises, teachers, students, academic researchers, business researchers. The audience was invited to actively participate. Interesting debates and discussions took place between the speakers and the audience.
The questions that the project partners asked themselves; What impact will MRT have on the way we approach chemical processes? What are the implications of MRT from a business point of view? Which networks and knowledge are available for business and education? And what needs to be done in the field of education to prepare students for working with MRT? During the symposium, project director Gino van Strijdonck showed how products have been developed within the project to create an innovative learning network. Masterclasses were organised, educational modules have been developed and micro reactor technology has found its way into the regular educational curriculum. Student and teacher exchange has also become part of the regular curriculum.
The innovative micro reactor technology, bearing enormous potential regarding sustainability can easily be used as well by the industry. In this way education and industry are linked. At the end of the symposium, the two keynote speakers and the academic research leaders of the universities, participating in the nil-mrt project, climbed the stage for a discussion from academic and industrial perspectives on 'The Future is in Micro Reactor Technology - Green, Safe and Sustainable'. The main conclusion of this discussion was that universities and industry have to work together to ensure the future of micro reactor technology in Europe.
One of the aspects of future exploitation is this website. Results and products for education and developments on microreactor technology can be found here.
Raf Reijntjens