• Posted on: 22 June 2015
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Masterclass "Flow Chemistry, from lab to industry", September-October 2013
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Chemical reactions in micro and meso continuous flow reactors
Masterclasses by academia and industrial experts
General principles illustrated by new developments
Flow chemistry is an emerging reactor technology to increase the efficiency, safety, environmental impact and reliability of chemical reactions. New process windows are opened to give the chemist the opportunity to explore new chemical possibilities. Starting from lab-on-a-chip application, on mg-scale (produced with nano- and micro-technology), the technology is now capable to scale-up towards industrial production, which makes it a tool to improve processes in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.
With these masterclasses we address professionals that work or want to work with flow chemistry, but might feel that they can deepen their knowledge, or want to broaden their view on chemical technology.
The masterclasses are inspired by the Horizon2020 and Brainport2020 agenda, in which nanotechnology and its applications in high tech systems & materials are identified as a key technology to create promising business opportunities in Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Chemistry. The masterclasses are launched and developed to bridge the gap between academia and industry, by sharing the latest know-how and initiate new business development activities.