MRT within your course

  • Posted on: 3 February 2015
  • By: admin
Joining the NIL MRT network will provide you with:
  • Online educational material on various levels
  • E-learning modules teaching the chemistry and engineering basics of MRT at a location and time of your own choice, including tests
  • Modular building blocks to develop (lab) classes and education projects in the field of MRT and examples on how this is used by higher educational institutes
  • Participating in masterclasses on MRT
  • Links to review articles and literature
  • The opportunity to participate in (multi- and interdisciplinary) real-life research or educational projects at different levels resulting in co-developing education and applications for MRT
  • An internatioal network of experts on MRT
  • A platform to discuss and embed MRT in educational programs. This is a challenge for educational and academic institutes.
    • What are ways to incorporate MRT in a more succesful way into the education programs?
    • How can we overcome the challenges and be more effective in achieving eductional results.


You are invited to participate in discussions on these themes and questions!

Please register <here>.and become a member of the NIL-MRT network.