Knowlegde base

  • Posted on: 13 November 2014
  • By: admin

To prepare young professionals for their future it is essential to introduce the concepts of MRT in teaching programs as well for chemistry students as for engineering students. It is time now to show students the new technology and help them to use it in an advantageous way so that they can introduce it further in the industry once they are employed. This will break down much faster the barrier that still exists for the application of microflow chemistry in industrial settings. To make the introduction of MRT succesful it is essential for synthetic chemists and chemical engineers to join efforts.

In this part of the site, knowledge base, you can browse through the collected knowledge in pretty much the same way as through a wiki. We have made entries on subjects and parts of subjects and we have given links in these entries to other entries. Also, we have created learning routes that lead you through a set of entries that form a whole. you can find these learning routes under " e-modules".

Next to e-modules we present masterclasses and case studies in the field of MRT separately as you can see in the menu on the right. They are also accessible via links in entries in the e-modules.